The Master

KD isn’t just my little girl… she is someone I admire.  At the youngest age in elementary school I could tell she was already smarter and more mature than most adults.  That might be an exaggeration, but not by much.  She has uncommon strength of convictions and amazing persistence, which always served her well.  She now holds a Master’s degree in medicine and will soon embark on a career improving the health of others and saving lives.  More importantly, she is a loving, sweet and kind human being.  Watching her graduate today I got choked up thinking about that little red-headed girl who started kindergarten just the other day.  Where did the time go?  KD, you are an amazing young lady and I’m not just proud of you… I am in awe of you.  Congratulations!

KD graduates

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Portland & Seattle

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary with a week in the Pacific Northwest, visiting Portland and Seattle.  This scenic part of the country is surrounded by Mt. Rainier, Mount St. Helens, Mt. Hood and the Olympic Mountains, among others.  The people were friendly and the climate was perfect, mostly 50-70 degrees in the middle of July!  Bainbridge Island was tranquil and beautiful along the Puget Sound coast… and the towering haystack rocks at Cannon Beach in Oregon were magnificent.  We loved it all.

Rachel at Cannon BeachAirplane 03Keep Portland WeirdPuget Sound panoramic view with RachelHarbour Public HouseSpace Needle panoramic of RachelRadio Room on Alberta Street

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Big Beer: 32 oz of fun

Big Beer at Scoreboard

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His first car was a birthday gift and lasted 4 years… not bad for a 16-20 yr old kid… after all, boys will be boys.  After many dings, sideswipes and a few minor accidents Carson’s 2001 Honda was recently left without a bumper, hood or windshield… and more importantly, the frame was bent.  The condition and value of the car was no longer worth the money to repair.  Carson had saved thousands $ in his bank account for this rainy day and he pulled the trigger this weekend… bought his very first car.  No cosigner, no loan, no nothing.  Talk about Independence Day!  I love that he bought a practical, safe vehicle with great gas mileage and renowned reliability… he bought the same car I gave him 4 years ago, but a newer model.  Smart kid.  We’re proud of our boy man.  Way to go, Carson… great looking car, too.


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That Darn Cat!

Giuseppe is indifferent to being outdoors.

Rachel & cat

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Dinner with Friends

We visited my friend Jim on his houseboat this Friday after having dinner with him on Old Hickory Lake at the marina restaurant.  His floating home was awesome.  On Saturday, Tom had us over for dinner along with Erika’s sister and husband.   Today we had Susan & Amber over for dinner, then played in the backyard with their dog Chip.  The weekend was a blast, but flew by fast.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms out there.


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Renaissance Festival 2017


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